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Two hands and a tiny house Phil Klitscher
Free tiny house plans

Want a set of free plans for my micro tiny house. Register now and when I have them drawn up I will send you a copy.

Tiny House. Big Ideas.
I love to build cool stuff
I create tiny houses and share the process
I grew up in a workshop learning how to work with my hands, use tools, and approach problems.

Not everyone has been this lucky, yet many aspire to become self-sufficient and gain the skills to create their own necessities.

I want to pass on everything I was taught to help others on their own journey.
Here, I share everything I know and learn as I make cool stuff. Come on the journey as we make epic mistakes, tackle challenging problems, and have some fun.

Regular videos sharing the process and story of my lateste build. Check out my most recent videos and subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest progress


See the action in real time. Daily stories and regular posts as I work. The mishaps, mistakes and happy moments as they happen.

Free Plans

I set myself a challenge - build a tiny house under $4000 in 4 weeks. Did I make it? Almost, watch the final reveal and see how I close I came.

Since I shared the video of the micro tiny house I have been inundated with requests for plans. I want to help get others started on their tiny house journey so I am going to develop a set of plans and give them away for free. I may also do a set in sketchup set for a small fee.

My plate is already full but I hope I can get the plans made up soon. In the mean time register your interest and I will send you a copy of the plans when they are complete.

I am Phil
Phil Klitscher from Two Hands and a Tiny House

Hi, I am Phil. I love to build cool stuff and solve difficult problems. I traded a suit and tie for a tiny house and I have never been happier.

Yearning to escape the corporate world and chase passions, I returned to my roots. I wanted to create a life centred around creativity, simplicity, and connection to nature. Tiny houses were the perfect choice. I moved back to the country and started building.

I grew up in a workshop and came from a family of craftsmen. Working with my hands is my natural habitat and I am grateful I have the skills to build tiny houses. But I realise not everyone has been this fortunate. So, I decided to document what I do and share everything I know and learn and help others on their journey.

I love the idea of helping others to become self-sufficient. And what greater way to gain self-sufficiency than to build your own shelter. I work to share helpful and interesting content and foster a community of people that help others to build their own dreams.